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It’s been a while since I posted anything on here, mostly because I’ve been swamped with working on new stuff, editing, as well as working a dayjob. But I’ve got a few cool things to share now. To begin with, I am really happy that my latest (anti-nazi) nazisploitation novella published through Dynatox Ministries, SS DEATH SIMULATION, has received great feedback from readers. It also got a really cool review by Nick Cato over at The Horror Fiction Review which you can read if you click HERE.

Furthermore, I am psyched that the third annual Dynatox Ministries convention KrallCon, or Dynatoxicon, in New Jersey is drawing close. For this special event I will fly my ass over the atlantic and spend a weekend meeting the head honcho of DM, author and publisher Jordan Krall along with a giant bunch of awesome writers. There will be shenanigans, readings, books, strippers, pancakes and madness galore. For this occassion, my dirty little robot porn chapbook called DEEP INVADERS #3, which was written and published as a KrallCon exclusive among other authors’ titles for last year’s KrallCon, has been re-issued as a limited (10 copies!) second edition with a new altered cover.

Click HERE to buy it. In the Dynatox Ministries webshop you’ll also find my book SS Death Simulation and many many more titles from the coolest writers worldwide.

Well, that’s it for now.

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My latest book Deep Invaders #3 is now available to pre-order @ Dynatox Ministries. It’s a sleazy sf tale about an erobotica movie producer/director who is struggling to finish his latest movie. Loads of erotic & bizarre stuff is promised in this one. Horny 70’s robots. Giant Geishas made of candy. People made into motorcycles with unknown silver screen dreams. You can pre-order your copy HERE 

Furthermore, be sure to check out the other cool books there! All funds from this book, and those that has the Krallcon Exclusive tag, goes to the good cause of dressing Krallcon in its most awesome clothes. Here’s the cover for Deep Invaders #3, made by master Jordan Krall. Cheers!

deep invader FRONT 8

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