Here are some of the tentative covers for my new titles which will be available through three different presses in 2017. I will throw links when possible to pre-order.
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New Antho Appearance!

Happy to share the news that My Dia de los Muertos inspired horror story “Sugar Skull Jarabe” is featured in this anthology now live at Amazon. Go check it out!


Summer is marching in here in otherwise cold-as-fuck Sweden which, as usual, means I’m working on a nice pale writing tan. Locked up in my humble dwelling, I’m burning the midnight oil to finish following books:

Muff-Manic Mermen from Malifanua Bay (erotic pulp horror)

Jixer Jimcraxxx #666 (surreal robot erotica)

Neon Golgotha (weird horror)

Cannibal Island 2: Return to Hell (cannibalsploitation)

SVÆRTA (poetry collection)

September Doom (historical horror)

Each of these are in various stages of completion, but a few will hopefully be finished soon. I’m also budy writing short stories.



I’m thrilled to share the news that my latest chapbook, Drugula, has been released through Dynatox Ministries and is now available to purchase here.

An audio-book version of Drugula is also in the woodwork, read and recorded by Travis Neisler who runs Ravenwood Audio, as well as the literary fiction press Ravenwood Quarterly, which is pure badassery and a press you will see more of in the near future, so click the links and check those out!

Great news in other words!

That’s that for now. I’m just gonna leave you here with the stunning cover art for Drugula, created by grand magus Dave Felton, whose art you can find here.

More news to follow shortly!

/ Faun


Cover reveal!

I am thrilled to share the cover reveal for my upcoming horror/erotica novella Muff Manic Mermen from Malifanua Bay, which is being published through New Kink Books (whose catalog I dearly recommend you ought to check out). This cover art has been brought by Justin Coons, who is one of my absolute favorite artists.


It’s been quite some time since I made any update in here. Life is busy and filled with chaos magick. Just came back from a trip to the US, where I attended the Dynatox Halloween Party, which kicked so much ass. So, at least, here comes an update on the projects I’m currently working on:

  1. Muff Manic Mermen from Malifanua Bay (erotic horror novella)
  2. Gixxer Gimcracks #1 (third and final chapbook in my robot/scifi erotica series including Deep Invaders #3 & X-haustpipe X-tasy #X)
  3. Cannibal Island 2: Return to Hell (sequel to my cannibalsploitation novella)
  4. September Doom (horror novella set in the 1700’s plague-ridden capital of Sweden)
  5. Dope Sex Rituals at Castle Drugula (horror chapbook based on the famous songs by Electric Wizard)So, there’s that! Cheers!

My new chapbook HÆX is available to pre-order from Dynatox Ministries.

HÆX is an adventurous hodgepodge of LSD-coated prose, occult poems, photographs of hot chicks, and weird illustrations of things.

Order your copy HERE

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