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Very excited to share the great news that these two titles are now in print!

Gillian’s Marsh is my latest horror novella set in the 1800’s. It’s published by Riot Forge Studios and Justin T. Coons did the amazing artwork on this book as well as on Cannibal Island. Don Noble, head honcho on Riot Forge, did the wonderful job designing it. Here’s what the back reads on Gillian’s Marsh:

Gillian’s Marsh 1866

The treacherous wetlands where a young woman, Louella Lee, ends up after escaping the horrors of her puritanical home in the town of Gillianswick.

Collapsing in the black woods near the marsh, she is found by Red, a loner woodsman, and their rendezvous sets a nightmarish wheel into motion.

Whilst their unorthodox relationship blossoms, stakes are burning in Gillianswick after a series of strange disappearances.

Convinced that the town is in the grip of black magic and deviltry, overzealous Cyrus Reiterman initiates a merciless witch-hunt that eventually draws him to the betraying bog, where baleful forces await…

Buy the Kindle edition on Amazon HERE
(paperback is due in a few days)


Cannibal Island – 2nd Edition Paperback – is now back from being a limited hardcover edition as featured in Dynatox Ministries’s Cannibalsploitation Series. It’s a horror/suspense novella set in the 1920’s, and here’s what the back reads:

In the 1920’s, a British expedition sets out to investigate a crater caused by a meteorite on an uninhabited island in the Zanzibar archipelago—a four-week-long journey by boat that culminates in a nightmare. But when they finally arrive at the island, no nightmare could compare to what they discover…

Buy the paperback HERE



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I’m happy to share I’ve got a story named “PEBBLES” in this new anthology from Omnium Gatherum, which now is available through Amazon and the publisher’s website.

The stories in this antho are all based on Chris Kelso’s own universe called the Slave State, and here’s what the description on the book say about it: “The Slave State is a place located in the 4th dimension, a place where humans are forced to work extracting inessential minerals from mining enclaves until the end of their lives…” 

Some of the authors in this cool book include: Violet LeVoit, John Palisano, Andrew Coulthard, Seb Doubinsky, Chris Kelso and Gio Clairval + a bunch of more cool writers.

Below is the cover art which is created by Terence-Jaiden Wray, and the interior has fantastic art by Soussherpa Art for example.



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