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So, a trail of magic dust is left in the wake of KrallCon III aka Dynatoxicon, organized and conducted by author, publisher & Dynatox Ministries’ grand magus, Jordan Krall (Penetralia, Fistful of Feet, Tentacle Death Trip etc.), and I can only say it’s been one of the craziest, zaniest, & funniest experience I’ve ever had in my life. Met a giant load of fantastic people and received a truckload of books and music. There were readings, I even did one myself, and musical performances, and hard partying, and I am counting the days ’til next year’s event.
So, Thanks — Jordan & Dana Krall, Nick & Ree Cato, Philip LoPresti & Missy, Donald & Dawn Armfield, Leza Cantoral & Christoph Paul, Ron Wier, Michael Nau, Mike Antonio, Stephanie Riley, Dave Felton, Frank Edler, Justin Slater, Sheila Hall, Justin Mank, T Penn & Human Adult BandYOU GUYS FRICKING ROCK!!!

Over to some writing updates. I am currently working on several things, all in various stages of completion. One is a psychedelic horror novelette called HÄX, which will be released together with a 30 minute worth of doom/stoner music cassette tape. Then I’m working on the third and final installment to my robot porn trilogy, which is written as a play and goes by the title “Pheline’s Phantasies”, plus two short stories.

My horror novella GILLIAN’S MARSH, published through RIOT FORGE, is due in the weeks to come.

~ Mike


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ALERT: If you have not yet checked out the stunningly hot metal-digging model, miss Ria Fend, you either have no pulse, or you are simply not into steaming hot women who digs metal. Luckily there is a cure: you go visit this hottie’s page and be mesmerized by beauty. Then you share and like her page.

Did I mention Ria’s a fan of weird fiction and horror books? No? Well, she is…



and check out her page at Model Mayhem HERE

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Photography: Helen Hughes Model: Ria Fend MUA & Hair: Katie Bishop

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