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Proud to share that my new banal story “THE DAY THE BICYCLE CAME TO KLOPOTOWO” + a drawing on a giraffe in boots had been published in the first issue of the new dada journal from Dynatox Ministries, the BLACK GIRAFFE QUARTERLY!

It’s filled with strange art and odd stories revolving round themes of bicycles, giraffes and much more.

Cover artwork is made by NICK GUCKER. Treat yourself and buy a copy for measly $5 before they sell out by clicking HERE!



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My latest Naziploitation novella SS DEATH SIMULATION is now up for pre-order at DYNATOX’S ONLINE STORE.

This is the most brutal book I’ve written to this day. Expect brutal death, deviant sexuality, SS-whores, sadism, kinky stuff, gross stuff, and a nail hard plot evolving around SS officers, the resistance movement, and a Northern Swedish bordello.


I, nor the book’s publisher Dynatox Ministries, support any Nazi Socialistic views whatsoever. The strong symbolism on the cover (made by Jordan Krall) though provocative, is simply there because it is true to the genre of nazisploitation itself, which was a genre that used strong imagery and symbolism on many of the covers and posters.

If you ain’t familiar with the genre Nazisploitation I recommend you go here  


ss death stimulation 6a

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I’m super excited to share the fantastic news that my latest naziploitation novella SS DEATH SIMULATION is soon available through DYNATOX MINISTRIES. Limited to 88 copies this will shortly come up for pre-order at the Dynatox online shop. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with the badass cover made by JORDAN KRALL.

Keep yer eyes out for this one to drop! More info soon…

ss death stimulation 6a

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