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New book out from the talented Scottish author Chris Kelso, who I’m proud to call friend. Mr Kelso is the author behind several great titles, Transmatic (MorbidbookS), Last Exit to Interzone (Black Dharma Press) and more. I implore you to read ’em all because his stories are superb.

However, this new title TERENCE,MESPHISTO and VISCERA EYES, published by Bizarro Pulp Press, takes place in the Slave State, which is Kelso’s own Mythos I suppose is an adequate description.

Check it out!

Meanwhile, here’s the book’s backside text:

The Slave State: A place where dogs tire of their lovesick masters and compose novels for benign publishers. A place where love and murder are equally important to the development of young men. A place where everyone is a slave to their minds and their hearts. From one of literature’s most daring writers, Chris Kelso invites you to explore his mind-bending universe with nine short stories—a collection that challenges the boundaries of genre and the limits of the heart.

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