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I’m psyched to report the fantastic news about the forthcoming 100th book release from Dynatox Ministries. Though there’s still space left to be filled in this wonderfully sleazoid volume of  stories, illustrations, photographs etc. all of which  are strip club & go-go bar natured, there is already a list of contributors including Neko Lilly, Colleen Wanglund, Leza Cantoral, Michael Noe (Legacy), John Ledger, Yours truly, plus many more.

The amazingly cool cover you see below, is a photograph shot by Philip LoPresti (Haunted Fucking, I am Suicide), and the beautiful model is his own dead good lady, Missy Koehler (a real cool couple of cats who I can’t wait ’til I meet!),  and David Anderson (Yakuza Cereal) stands behind the whole design.

Mad props to modern day genius Jordan Krall & his Ministries for making this happen!

As said, there is still time to submit sexy stripper/go-go stories, illustrations, pics etc. Contact Dynatox Ministries and Sleaze Away!




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I am in This Book!

I am very happy to share that I have a story called “Twenty Thousand Fathoms Under the Sea” as well as a few illustrations featured in this book “This is Not an Anthology”, edited by the amazing Chris Kelso and published by Oneiros Books, this wondrous gem packed with strange stories and art from great authors such as Seb Doubinsky, William Burroughs, Rob Harris, Mike Kazepis, Raf De Bie, Gio Clairval, Gabino Englasias, Michael McAloran, Adam Millard, Terence-Jaiden David Wray, Andrew Coulthard, S. Clay Wilson, Joe Ambrose, and many many more.  It will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and several other venues very soon, but you can already buy it HERE or HERE. Don’t miss out!


And here’s a great review of this book from Beatdom


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