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I am happy to share the news that my novella “Black Heart Metal Monster” is now available for pre-order at Dynatox Ministries.

It is a bizarre horror story about a band and their adventures into surreality which takes place in Norway during the early 90’s and its boiling black metal scene.

It is limited to a certain amount of copies, all numbered, so hurry and grab your copy HERE

Meanwhile, here’s its badass cover artwork made by Jordan Krall.

black heart metal monster 3


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I am stoked to share the news that I have a story, “Tones of Skin and Bones” which will appear in this heavy metal oozing anthology you see below. Axes of Evil is released April 1:st. It is edited by the talented author Mr Alex S. Johnson, and published by good guy press, Chupa Cabra House. Cheers! (note: not the final cover, but a mock-up)


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