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2012 Wrap-up

cards_imageSurviving Christmas, the proclaimed end of the world and New Years Eve, I’m inclined to say that 2012 was a great year and this is a boiled down list of what happened regarding my writing. Family and friends stuff I’ll keep to myself

I had the honor to join the ranks of Fraternity of Flash which was created by Misty Dahl, a writer/creativity coach. FoF was posting flash stories online. Unfortunately, it is no longer active but you’ll find my contribution here

I also sold two stories to Bizarrocast, a web magazine publishing bizarro stories in audio format. Listen to them here

Michael Bergamotte and I started a website called Feverish Fiction in which we publish flash fiction stories on a weekly basis during the summer every year. After each season we publish all the stories in a trade paperback. The first volume was released 12-12-12 and is found here

And finally, I finished rewriting Violet and the Witch of Goblin Haven, a novella length, dark fantasy tale for the ages 10+. It will be published during the upcoming spring of 2013.


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